Saturday, August 21, 2010


RumbleSphinx from George Lessard on Vimeo.

"A wonderful cardboard travelogue through a peewee hermanesque two-dimensional black and white scenography - passes from the integrity of the image to a digitized color pointillism, from flowing time to saccadic rhythmic organization of temporal measures.

Tiptoeing through the unreality of stifling timid, bureaucratic passivity with Mr. Dream as low-key daredevil guiding us through a slide show that puts our would-be adventurer to sleep. His dream escape is then depicted in the form of a musical interlude. When he wakes up after his maudlin evening, it is only to go back to his safe home where he can hide from travel, plane crashes and everything frightening, i.e., his life in general.

In the closing scene, he goes to bed, book in hand (Freud's "The Interpretation of Dreams), on of the pages of which makes a wry commentary on the video's budget, he closes his eyes and goes to sleep. zzzzz's literally coming out of his mouth."
Francine Dagenais in Cinema Canada Magazine June 1988

Running Time : 12 mins  -  standard : ntsc color
Original Format : 3/4" u-matic  -  Audio : stereo ch. 1 & 2

Video Artists:
George A. Lessard, Robert Hamilton, Dave Clark

Robert Hamilton, Dave Clark
Video Editing:
G.A. Lessard & Robert Hamilton
Digital animation & effects:
G.A. Lessard
Music composed, performed and recorded by:
Dave Clark
Sung by:
Dave Clark & Robert Hamilton
Sets by:
Dave Clark & Robert Hamilton
Story by:
Dave Clark & Robert Hamilton
Mr. Dream played by Dave Clark
& the story teller is Robert Hamilton


87.04.06 - ARTV - Broadcast - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
87.07.10 - Quebec International Festival of Young Cinema & Video  - public screening - Montreal - "Prix Radio-Quebec"
87.08.06 - 10th TOKYO VIDEO FESTIVAL - Tokyo, Japan - JVC screenings around the world - "Award of Excellence"
87.09.04 - 16e FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DU NOUVEAU CINEMA ET DE LA VIDEO - public screening - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
87.11.06 - 4th INTERNATIONAL LEICESTER FESTIVAL - public screening - Leicester, England
87.11.27 - THE SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL - public screening - California, USA
87.11.30 - 21st ANNUAL FILM & VIDEO EXPO - public screening - Brooklyn Arts Council, NY, USA
1988    - XIII internacional Del Nuevo Cine Super 8 & Video, Caracas, Venezuela - public screening - "Mention"
88.01.29 - 12th ATLANTA FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL - public screening - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
88.03.28 - 24th YORKTON FEST. OF SHORT FILM & VIDEO- public screening - Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada.
88.05.05 - CANADIAN VIDEO ART FEST. - public screening - Galerie Joyce Yahouda Meir, Montreal, Canada.
88.05.17 - BIENNALE VIDEO - public screening - Musee de Rimouski, Rimouski, Quebec, Canada
88.06.18 - MID-NIGHT MADNESS - public screening - Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada
90.02.12 - LES LUNDIS DU JEUNE CINEMA - public screening -  at Le Cinema Parallele - presented by L'Association pour le Jeune Cinema Quebecois Montreal.