Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Free Workshops by W.A.M.P. in #YZF #NWT

Two Free Workshops from Western Arctic Moving Pictures  in Yellowknife

This workshop will explore traditional conventions as well as investigate the methods of successive animation. Participants will engage in hands on animating.
Time: 1:00 - 4:00 pm March 31st- April 1
Instructor: Aidan Cartwright
Location:Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre Auditorium

Saturday –A brief explanation of where animation came from followed by some examples of different animating styles and techniques. Participants will choose one of several animation technique options and will work to complete these before the end of the day with help from instructor.
Sunday –A quick recap of the previous day. Participants who need to complete their previous works will be given time. Those who have completed their works will be introduced to the principles of successive animation and will participate in a large collaborative successive animation.

Minimum enrollment required, if there are not enough participants this class will be re-scheduled.

This course will explore the topic of classic cinematic conventions through discussion, demonstration and practice. Participants will be assigned an exercise on the course topic in order to later view and discuss their work. The video works produced are not intended to be completed videos, but rather a record of practical exploration; a "video sketchbook".

Course instructor: Joel Maillet is a local freelance filmmaker who has been running video workshops in the north since his arrival in 2008. His experience comes from several years of working in the film industry on the East Coast after graduating from NSCAD University with a major study in filmmaking.
The course will run Saturday March 31st from 1-4pm and again the following Saturday, April 7th 1-4pm.
Location:(PWNHC) Museum Auditorium