Monday, November 21, 2011

The 4 Seasons of WAMP: Commissioned Videos

The 4 Seasons of WAMP: Commissioned Videos

WAMP is accepting treatments/script proposals for short videos. Pitch Your Idea.

Project objectives:

To provide an opportunity for beginner and intermediate media-makers to learn more specific elements of independent media production, while producing a first work.

To promote video production within the NWT and provide means for members to produce independent Media artworks.

Submission Deadlines: December 7th, February 7th, May 7th, August 7th

Ideal Shoot Dates: March, June, September, December

WAMP will be accepting short video scripts and treatments to produce! The selection committee will select 4 short videos to produce that either incorporates one of the four seasons thematically or is produced during one of the four seasons in the NWT. Preference will be given to projects that demonstrate artistic merit and/or a well-developed unique story.

Where appropriate, efforts will be made to pair the awarded script/ filmmaker with a suitable mentor for the production as well as provide opportunities where WAMP members can help out and gain experience working on a video project. Productions with additional support from other organization or funding sources will be encouraged to apply.

Successful applicants will receive:
$1 000.00- Honorarium
$500.00 – Project expenses
$1 000.00 - WAMP Production Credit towards equipment rentals for the project.


Projects will have 2 months to be completed.
Purchase of equipment is an ineligible expense.
Contact Jeremy at WAMP for more information and to submit a script or treatment.
Jeremy Emerson - Executive Director
Western Arctic Moving Pictures Film Society
4916 49th street (basement of Northway bldg]
PO BOX 2487
Yellowknife, NT
X1A 2P8
Ph: (867) 766-2586