Monday, November 28, 2011



The Frozen Eyes Photographic Society is officially launching a special Northwest-Territories-wide photographic leadership development program for NWT youth with an ability and interest in photography. Funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage's Youth Take Charge program, this new initiative is looking for 12-15 youth from across the territory.

The project consists of two phases. The first is a professionally instructed week-long workshop in Yellowknife March 18-25. This course will further introduce students to the art of photography and help build their portfolios. In the second phase, participants from the first workshop will travel to a community other than their own to work with a Frozen Eyes mentor and help run a photo workshop for local youth while sharing their knowledge with their peers. The best images from these workshops will be used in a travelling exhibit of NWT youth photography to be shown in northern and southern communities and online.

Interested participants between ages 13 and 19 are required to submit a portfolio by January 16, 2012. Applications should include 5-10 digital photos (jpeg format), a resume, a reference and a brief letter describing why the applicant is interested in participating in the programme.

FEPS was initiated in 2007 after a group of Yellowknife artists developed a photography mentorship program for the Arctic Winter Games. Since forming a society in 2008, FEPS has generously received funds from BHP Billiton Canada, the NWT Arts Council, the City of Yellowknife and now the Department of Canadian Heritage. These funds allowed the group to hold photographic workshops with youth in communities across the NWT, as well as exhibits in Toronto and at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife. The hope is participating youth leave equipped with confidence, leadership skills and a strong knowledge of the technical and creative sides of photography.

For more information or to arrange an interview please contact
Courtney Holmes
Executive Director

Frozen Eyes Photographic Society
Box 20087 Yellowknife, NT
X1A 1R0

Monday, November 21, 2011

The 4 Seasons of WAMP: Commissioned Videos

The 4 Seasons of WAMP: Commissioned Videos

WAMP is accepting treatments/script proposals for short videos. Pitch Your Idea.

Project objectives:

To provide an opportunity for beginner and intermediate media-makers to learn more specific elements of independent media production, while producing a first work.

To promote video production within the NWT and provide means for members to produce independent Media artworks.

Submission Deadlines: December 7th, February 7th, May 7th, August 7th

Ideal Shoot Dates: March, June, September, December

WAMP will be accepting short video scripts and treatments to produce! The selection committee will select 4 short videos to produce that either incorporates one of the four seasons thematically or is produced during one of the four seasons in the NWT. Preference will be given to projects that demonstrate artistic merit and/or a well-developed unique story.

Where appropriate, efforts will be made to pair the awarded script/ filmmaker with a suitable mentor for the production as well as provide opportunities where WAMP members can help out and gain experience working on a video project. Productions with additional support from other organization or funding sources will be encouraged to apply.

Successful applicants will receive:
$1 000.00- Honorarium
$500.00 – Project expenses
$1 000.00 - WAMP Production Credit towards equipment rentals for the project.


Projects will have 2 months to be completed.
Purchase of equipment is an ineligible expense.
Contact Jeremy at WAMP for more information and to submit a script or treatment.
Jeremy Emerson - Executive Director
Western Arctic Moving Pictures Film Society
4916 49th street (basement of Northway bldg]
PO BOX 2487
Yellowknife, NT
X1A 2P8
Ph: (867) 766-2586

Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh Snap!: Brow Beat’s weekly photo feature. Have you spotted a photo project that’s worth profiling?

Oh Snap! is Brow Beat's weekly photo feature. Have you spotted a project that's worth profiling? Pitch to

Oh Snap!: Learning To Train-Surf in Bangladesh


People generally ride the roofs of trains in Bangladesh for one of three reasons: 1) It's free. 2) It's fun. 3) There is no room inside.

Unfortunately, regardless of the reason, the reality is the same: Sitting or lying on the corroded metal roof of a train moving at 40 kilometers per hour is dangerous.

"When the train starts your feet will shake and you will try to hold something, but there is nothing to hold on to," says Bangladeshi photographer G.M.B. Akash, who learned to balance while shooting the photos above.  (The project came to my attention through Anastasia Photo in New York City, which is currently featuring a larger exhibit of Akash's work titled "Survivors.") "Knowing that at any time an accident can happen will make you nervous [and] give you insecurity, making it more risky," he added.

Those who ride the roof every day to work, too broke to pay for a spot inside, eventually get accustomed to the shaking. They learn how to gracefully duck low-hanging tree limbs and nonchalantly avoid decapitation by stray wire. These regulars often grow so comfortable that they doze as they ride. But all it takes is a sudden stop or a crazy dream, and then even these veterans run the risk of rolling right off.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Most Expensive Photo in the World

The Most Expensive Photo in the World

it sold for $4.3 million at Christie's.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Professional photo award seeking entries [Worldwide]

Professional photo award seeking entries [Worldwide]
Deadline: 27/01/12

Professional photographers worldwide can submit their work to a competition.

The Professional Photographer of the Year Awards is seeking entries for its annual contest.

Digital entries can be submitted without an entry fee to thirteen categories including editorial/news, on location, still life and more.

There will be one overall winner chosen as the photographer of the year, but each category will have one winner and one runner-up. Each winner will receive an exclusive logo to promote their brand.

The submission deadline is January 27.

For more information, click here.