Friday, November 23, 2012

Frozen Eyes Exhibition at the Deh Gah Elementary & Secondary School

IMG_0464IMG_0474-v2Frozen Eyes ExhibitionFrozen Eyes ExhibitionFrozen Eyes ExhibitionFrozen Eyes Exhibition
Frozen Eyes ExhibitionFrozen Eyes ExhibitionFrozen Eyes ExhibitionFrozen Eyes ExhibitionFrozen Eyes ExhibitionIMG_0473
IMG_0470©2012 Delaney VandellDSC_5318©2012 Erin Nadli©2012 Delaney VandellFort Providence NWT photography workshop
Fort Providence NWT photography workshopFrozen Eyes Photography Workshop & ExhibitionFort Providence NWT photography workshopFort Providence NWT photography workshop©2012 Delaney Vandell©2012 Delaney Vandell

Via Flickr:
Frozen Eyes Photography Workshop & Exhibition at the Deh Gah Elementary & Secondary School in Fort Providence NWT ©2012 George Lessard

Friday, June 22, 2012

Western Arctic Moving Pictures #video #NWT #YZF #WAMP #AGM June 30th 2012

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Western Arctic Moving Pictures <>
Date: 22 June 2012 11:10
Subject: WAMP: AGM June 30th
Western Arctic Moving Pictures would like to extend an invitation to the public and its members for its Annual General Meeting which will be held on Saturday, June 30: 2pm @ The Yellowknife Public Library Meeting Room.
Pablo Saravanja
President- Western Arctic Moving Pictures

Frozen Eyes Photographic Society of the #NWT Spring Newsletter

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Supper (view in lightbox)

Via Flickr:
No really... I am having bison smokies (spiced sausages) for supper... this is one of my quieter neighbours...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Inuvik #NWT #JOB: Summer TV Producer/Production Assistant

JUST FOUND Deadline for applications is Monday June 18, 2012.

Summer Producer/Production Assistant
The Inuvialuit Communications Society
Inuvik, Northwest Territories

The Inuvialuit Communications Society in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, is currently seeking applications for the position of Summer Producer/Production Assistant. This is primarily a supportive role, working closely with the Producer to facilitate production of a number of ongoing projects within the Inuvialuit Settlement Region. In addition, the ideal candidate will be able to work independently on one 30-minute documentary about Inuvik, NWT. Content will be aired on APTN across Canada.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain on-the-ground experience creating documentary films for television as well as experience the Western Arctic/Mackenzie Delta during the beautiful summer months.

Applicants must be independent, resourceful, outgoing, organized and comfortable taking initiative.

Deadline for applications is June 18, 2012.

Responsibilities include:
Logging footage
Transcribing interviews
Help organizing logistics for shoots outside Inuvik/within ISR
Assisting Producer/Director with script development
Assisting with editing
Help providing subtitles in Inuvialuktun/English (programs are bilingual – knowledge of Inuvialuktun is not required)
Providing general administrative and logistical support for production activities already in place; occasional production assistant work on location
As mentioned above, in addition to supportive duties, the right candidate will assume the lead role on at least one project and therefore must be comfortable behind the camera as well
Skills and qualifications:
Previous experience in film production
Strong research skills;
Technical experience with video editing – knowledge of Final Cut Pro is essential;
Experience logging footage;
Strong written, oral, and interpersonal communications skills;
Computer, internet and social networking competency;
Strong organizational skills, accuracy and attention to detail;
Ability to work both independently and as part of a team;
Creative and easy to work with, positive attitude
Valid driver's license
Access to own laptop is preferred (though not required)
This is a paid position. Salary will be determined based on experience. Transportation to and from Inuvik, and accommodation for the months of July and August will be provided. This is a full-time, short-term contract position, with the possibility of extension.
To apply, please send a letter of interest, CV, two references (contact information only), and an example of past work to
For further information, please email or call 867-777-2320.
All interested candidates are encouraged to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Harper government targeted Canadian artist Franke James for her green conscience, internal documents reveal

Here's a great article I just read about a Canadian artist who lost funding because her art criticized Harper. Not only did she lose funding, but the government actively campaigned her private sponsors until they also cancelled their donations (some up to $75 000).

Harper government targeted artist for her green conscience, internal documents reveal

"...Independent artist and environmental advocate Franke James has obtained over 1,500 pages of internal government documents revealing extensive discussion about her art and its effect on the Harper government's agenda.

Franke James, a Canadian artist and environmental advocate blacklisted by the Harper government, has obtained internal documents indicating Canadian officials worked behind the scenes to discredit her work.

An internal Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) media monitoring report from July 2011 lists James as "an inconvenient artist" ("une artiste qui dérange"), the headline of an article in La Presse. The document was part of the 1,500 pages of internal documents James obtained through Access to Information requests since August 2011. 

"To be on the list of hot foreign issues, it was just shocking," James said in a telephone interview. "I'm right up there with Arctic sovereignty and Afghanistan." ..."

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

#YZF #NWT's Frozen Eyes Photographic Society Annual General Meeting

Frozen Eyes Photographic Society Annual General Meeting

June 19th 2012 at The Peace Building 4910 50th St 7:30pm


Interested volunteers, board members, mentors and NWT youth photography supporters are encouraged to attend. Please join us for a recap on the previous year's events, learn about our projected goals for this coming year and discuss how you can be involved in improving photographic opportunities for NWT youth. We look forward to meeting new members and electing a strong board of enthusiastic supporters!


For more information please contact:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Free Workshops by W.A.M.P. in #YZF #NWT

Two Free Workshops from Western Arctic Moving Pictures  in Yellowknife

This workshop will explore traditional conventions as well as investigate the methods of successive animation. Participants will engage in hands on animating.
Time: 1:00 - 4:00 pm March 31st- April 1
Instructor: Aidan Cartwright
Location:Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre Auditorium

Saturday –A brief explanation of where animation came from followed by some examples of different animating styles and techniques. Participants will choose one of several animation technique options and will work to complete these before the end of the day with help from instructor.
Sunday –A quick recap of the previous day. Participants who need to complete their previous works will be given time. Those who have completed their works will be introduced to the principles of successive animation and will participate in a large collaborative successive animation.

Minimum enrollment required, if there are not enough participants this class will be re-scheduled.

This course will explore the topic of classic cinematic conventions through discussion, demonstration and practice. Participants will be assigned an exercise on the course topic in order to later view and discuss their work. The video works produced are not intended to be completed videos, but rather a record of practical exploration; a "video sketchbook".

Course instructor: Joel Maillet is a local freelance filmmaker who has been running video workshops in the north since his arrival in 2008. His experience comes from several years of working in the film industry on the East Coast after graduating from NSCAD University with a major study in filmmaking.
The course will run Saturday March 31st from 1-4pm and again the following Saturday, April 7th 1-4pm.
Location:(PWNHC) Museum Auditorium

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Starving artists? That's not far from the mark
Research report from
"... The study reports that artists over all are working for near-poverty-level wages, with an average annual earnings in calendar year 2005 of just $22,731, compared with $36,301 for all Canadian workers – a 37-per-cent wage chasm.
In fact, of the 140,000 artists analyzed, 43 per cent earned less than $10,000, whereas in the overall labour force that percentage was 25 per cent. The study notes that the $22,700 average is only 9 per cent higher than the $20,800 that Statistics Canada has identified as the "low-income cutoff" for a single person living in a city with 500,000 people or more.
What makes the situation even more distressing is that artist earnings have been decreasing since 1990 – a decline likely to intensify over the next two years. While average earnings for the overall labour force rose by almost 10 per cent from 1990 to 2005, artists experienced a slide of 11 per cent – to $22,731 from $25,433 – at the same time as the cultural-sector work force tripled in size. Actors experienced the sharpest decline in average earnings among artists, dropping 34 per cent to about $18,000 in 2005.

According to the Hill study, the poorest-paid Canadian artist category is that of female visual artist, with average earnings in 2005 of $11,421, closely followed by female artisan/craftsperson ($12,307), female musician/singer ($12,449), and female dancer ($12,502).

Indeed, while there are more female artists than males (74,000 versus 66,000) in the country, female artists over all earn much less than their male counterparts: In 2005, a female artist earned on average $19,175, a male $26,714 – a span of close to 30 per cent.

If there is a "labour aristocracy" among artists, it's those 22,370 individuals who identified themselves as "producers/directors/choreographers" in the 2006 census. Males in that category averaged earnings of just under $45,000 while females received $42,000. Francophone artists in Quebec over all are better remunerated than their anglophone equivalents, but not significantly better: According to the survey, they earned an average of $24,520 in 2005, a gap of about 7 per cent.
Aboriginal artists are especially poor earners – just $15,900 on average, 30-per-cent lower than the average for all artists. ..."

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Bertha BRITDOC Documentary fund open [Worldwide]

Documentary journalists can apply for a grant ranging from UK£5,000-50,000 (about US$7,847-US$78,472).

The Bertha BRITDOC Fund for Journalism is an international film fund dedicated to supporting long-form feature documentaries of a journalistic nature.

The fund seeks films that break stories, expose injustice and bring attention to unreported issues and cameras into regions previously unseen. Due to the investigative nature of long-form films, the fund seeks filmmakers with a journalistic background.

The fund supports in-depth research & development, production funding for longitudinal investigations, editorial support for long-form documentary structure, hostile environment training, emergency transportation and legal advice.

Funding is awarded on a rolling basis.

We are looking for films that break the important stories of our time, expose injustice, bring attention to unreported issues and cameras into regions previously unseen.

This new fund recognises such films are often delicate and protracted, making them difficult to fund. With a mission to enable in-depth analysis of issues through long-form investigative filmmaking, we are particularly looking to work with filmmakers with a journalistic background or those who are collaborating with journalists.

It is key that the journalistic intent is embedded within the film itself rather than the film simply being about a journalist or journalistic institution.

Elements we can support:
In-depth research & development
Production funding for longitudinal investigations
Editorial support for long-form documentary structure
Hostile Environment Training
Emergency transportation
Legal Advice during production and post production
Legal advice for complex E&O policies

Other things to bear in mind:

We will be supporting films 60mins+ in length

Grants from £5,000 to £50,000 are available
Funding is awarded on a rolling basis
Funding decisions will be made within 4 weeks of application, unless your project is an urgent response to events
We are unlikely to fully fund a film so it must have international co-financing potential.
We don't fund retrospectively

For more information, click here.
Terms and conditions
Apply now

The Bertha BRITDOC Documentary Journalism Fund is part of a major new partnership between the Bertha Foundation and the BRITDOC Foundation, which sees the launch of two new funds worth £1.5m over the next three years.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Call for proposals from artists working in (but not limited to) video, film, interactive art, net art, performance or installation.

Call for Submissions / Le Labo / Generation Dissemination / Toronto, ON / Deadline Date: Friday, February 24, 2012

It's natural for artists to want to make history - for their work to be known and recorded. It's a very different goal for artists to participate in the recording of history in general. The production of documentation (of art and as art) is a practice that intertwines and dialogues with the reportage of current events. When artists use documentation in their practice, they construct an interpretation of their artwork or subject. The choice of medium and distribution method of art documentation then determines its trajectory into the world and into the future. The relation between documentation and its subject is more complicated than ever: an installation is livestreamed, net art leaves a constant digital trace, everyday activities are documented as a performance for video. How might the methods of the documentation and distribution of art affect the recording and framing of history made today? How will today's history be read tomorrow?

Seeking proposals from artists working in (but not limited to) video, film, interactive art, net art, performance or installation. Artists are asked to propose a layered work that involves an "original" gesture, and documentation of or through that gesture. Original gestures may take place anywhere outside of the gallery (ex: site-specific installation, distant geographic location, private performance) and should take place within the dates of the exhibition. Documentation of this gesture will be produced by the artist and mounted in the gallery before the closing of the exhibition. Proposed projects should consider the exhibition format. The use of documentation should be a central aspect of the work. Questions or clarifications are welcome at the contact address below.

This exhibition is curated by Maggie Flynn for Le Labo's curatorial mentorship program under the guidance of Alissa Firth-Eagland. Le Labo ( is an artist-run centre with a mandate to produce and promote francophone media art and interdisciplinary projects. This project will accept proposals from both francophone and non-francophone artists. The exhibition will take place in April 2012. Artist fees will be paid and modest travel costs may be accommodated.

Proposals should include:
-Artist statement (1 paragraph)
-Description of the proposed project (1 page max: Include technical/materials information. Describe site and contexte of the original gesture, the process of documentation.)
-Support material (5 -10 images, links or video/audio of past work)
-Support material list (include context, duration, date)

Please send submissions to:
Deadline: Friday February 24, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Call for Submissions / Polar Film Festival

Call for Submissions / Canadian Film Institute & International Polar Year Federal Program Office / Polar Film Festival / Ottawa, ON / Deadline Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Canadian Film Institute and International Polar Year Seek Films that Focus on Arctic and Antarctic Regions

The Canadian Film Institute (CFI), in partnership with the International Polar Year (IPY) Federal Program Office, is officially seeking entries for the Polar Film Festival. The two-day moving image event is a featured presentation of the IPY 2012 Conference: From Knowledge to Action, held April 22-27, 2012, in Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

The Polar Film Festival will celebrate the rich diversity of the Polar Regions, as well as examine the many challenges and world-wide implications they face in the 21st Century and onward. As a follow-up to the IPY Film Festival presented by the CFI in 2009, this event highlights the efforts of filmmakers from around the world who approach the Polar Regions from many different industries, research interests, artistic sensibilities, and political perspectives.

The CFI welcomes all films that explore issues and activities of particular relevance to the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Any genres of film and video practice - documentary, research, industrial, fiction, activist - from all Polar Regions are encouraged for submission.

Video submissions can be mailed directly to the CFI as a playable DVD or Blu-Ray disc. Digital entries may be submitted via direct download link, or any common digital media format such USB drive or DVD-ROM. Entrants are asked to include production credits, digital stills, director bios and filmography, contact information, and other relevant materials with their submissions.

The submission deadline is January 31, 2012. Please send all submissions to:

2 Daly Avenue, Suite 120
Ottawa, ON K1N 6E2

Tel: 613-232-6727
Fax: 613-232-6315

The public is encouraged to forward this Call for Entries to relevant producers, filmmakers, researchers, and other parties who may be interested. Please contact CFI Programmer Jerrett Zaroski at for any questions and further information.

About the IPY 2012 Conference
Occurring at a pivotal time for the environment of our planet, the International Polar Year (IPY) 2012 Conference draws international attention to the Polar Regions, global change, and related environmental, social and economic issues. From Knowledge to Action will bring together over 2,000 Arctic and Antarctic researchers, policy- and decision-makers, and a broad range of interested parties from academia, industry, non- government, education and circumpolar communities including indigenous peoples. The IPY 2012 Conference will contribute to the translation of new polar scientific findings into an evidence-based agenda for action that will influence global decisions, policies and outcomes over the coming years. More information on the conference can be found online at

About the CFI
The Canadian Film Institute (CFI) was incorporated in 1935 as a federally-chartered, non-governmental, non-profit cultural organization. It is the oldest film institution in Canada and the second oldest film institute in the world. More information can be found online at

Friday, January 20, 2012

#YZF #NWT Northwestel Cable 20 needs a videographer in Yellowknife

Northwestel Cable 20 needs a videographer

Scope: Gather footage of the Team NWT Arctic Winter Games Snowboarding and Wrestling Trials Jan 28/29 (exact times/locations TBD). Conduct interviews with participants at each location (Cable 20 will help arrange interviews and notes on questions). For each event record highlights of the competition, two talking-heads interviews (if possible), ample b-roll.

Footage will be edited by Community TV for 3-minute story in an Arctic Winter Games magazine-style news show. The footage will be used to create stories similar to the Dene Games Trials story in this episode:

Time required: 1-2 hr max at each location. Raw HD footage file delivery required between 9am and 12 noon Monday Jan 30 to Mark Gill at Northwestel Retail Store location, Yellowknife.

Shooting 1920x1080 @30p. Shooting preferably on pro-sumer video camera such as Sony EX-1 or Panasonic HVX-200. Please let me know what type of camera will be used in advance of shooting.

Fee: Cable 20 will pay $60/hr for shooting time, including camera and audio gear. $30/hr for other time required for file transfer /delivery.

Contact: Chris McNutt, Manager Community Media, Northwestel 867-393-7669 / if interested.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge - I support #wikipediablackout! Show your support here

I support #wikipediablackout! Show your support here

Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge

For over a decade, we have spent millions of hours building the largest encyclopedia in human history. Right now, the U.S. Congress is considering legislation that could fatally damage the free and open Internet. For 24 hours, to raise awareness, we are blacking out Wikipedia. Learn more.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Make a short film with LIFT for imagineNATIVE 2012 - Submit Now!

Make a short film with LIFT for imagineNATIVE 2012 - Submit Now!

LIFT and imagineNATIVE
Make a short film for imagineNATIVE 2012

Application Deadline: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 by 5:00pm

Do you have a great idea for a 5 minute short film? Explore 16mm filmmaking through LIFT's workshops, equipment and facilities (other mediums may be employed). Shoot and edit your ideas to film, and see them on screen at the 13th annual imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, which will take place in Toronto from October 17–21, 2012!

You will be provided with a LIFT Membership, and be eligible to enroll in any training workshop offered during their Winter and Summer 2012 calendar. You will be paired with LIFT's knowledgeable staff and a specially selected mentor to help you through your various development, production and post-production stages. imagineNATIVE will subsidize some additional costs related to your project, and facilitate aspects of your post-production stages.

Please note: Projects must be realistic in scope and subject matter as they must be completed and transferred to tape by September 25, 2012.

The participant will receive the opportunity to use LIFT's extensive 16mm production equipment and facilities for their film. As every film is unique, equipment and facilities access will be established in the development phase (past equipment and facilities budgets have ranged from $500–$5,000). Any additional equipment, facilities, and production costs will be the responsibility of the participant.

imagineNATIVE will provide a $500 bursary towards production costs and 1,200 feet of film stock will be provided by Kodak. Assistance with transferring and processing will also be provided (approximately a $750 value). All other associated costs are to be covered by the participant.

Eligibility Criteria:

    This call is open to Indigenous (First Nation, Métis, Inuit, other international Indigenous) candidates living in or near the GTA only
    Preference will be given to artists who have not had the opportunity to work in film (Note: you do not have to be a youth, but youth may also apply)
    Candidates must commit to attending the LIFT training workshops from March–August 2012. We strongly encourage applicants who are deadline driven and self-starters.
    You must live in Toronto or within commuting distance from the city in order to access LIFT workshops and equipment. Travel subsidy and cost of living are NOT covered by this mentorship.

Your Application Must Include:

    One-page short film idea
    A half to one-page statement on why you would like to participate and how you would benefit from this mentorship;
    Your bio (no resumes or CVs please). Please be certain to indicate your past experience with film, video and other artistic mediums, if any, and your Indigenous affiliation.
    Contact info, including email, mailing address and phone number.
    Email to or Fax to 416.585.2313

Should you have additional questions, please call Daniel Northway-Frank at 416.585.2333 or

The deadline for submissions is WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25, 2012 by 5:00PM

More at

Monday, January 09, 2012

Aboriginal Storytellers: Remember To Apply By Jan 16 for Banff's "Hi-Rez Storytelling"

Aboriginal Storytellers: Remember To Apply By January 16

The Banff Centre: Indigenous Storytellers Invited to Apply
Program dates: February 27 – March 10, 2012
Application deadline: January 16, 2012

Scholarship and financial aid covering 100 per cent of the program fee is available.

Hi-Rez Storytelling is a program designed to support emerging to mid-career Aboriginal filmmakers and new media screen-based writers and producers. During the course of this unique two-week residency at The Banff Centre, participants will develop a project they bring with them to the program, write for multi-platform environments, and learn digital strategies that provide a continuum for contemporary storytelling forms.

Hi-Rez Storytelling will provide one-on-one mentorship and guidance with outstanding faculty and guest speakers. At the end of residency, participants will leave with a developed story, plans for production, and fundraising and/or pitching plans. Participants may be storytellers of any genre who want to explore how to tell and visualize their story, and who wish to explore an Indigenous esthetic in storytelling and interactivity.

For more information about Hi-Rez Storytelling and Aboriginal Arts Self-Directed Residencies, please contact:
Kathy Morrison, Program Manager
Aboriginal Arts
The Banff Centre
Box 1020, Station 21
Banff, AB T1L 1H5
Tel: 403.763.6710

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Call for submissions: Northern, Art/Experimental video program

Call for submissions: Northern, Art/Experimental video program

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Western Arctic Moving Pictures <>
Date: 3 January 2012 18:27
Subject: Call for submissions: ART/EXPERIMENTAL VIDEO

WAMP is working with SAW video from Ottawa and Yukon Film Society to put
together a Northern, Art/Experimental video program to be showcased at the
National Arts Centre in 2013.

Please contact us with any northern videos/ works in progress you may have
that you think will fit the genre.

The link below is for the prairies scene... 2013 would be for northern scene

The Venue:

Our Collaborators:


Yukon Film Society