Friday, June 24, 2011

The new digital still camera by Lytro allows you to "shoot now, focus later."

Is technology replacing skill?

How the Lytro Light-Field Camera Works

Light-field photography has the potential to revolutionize photography. Ren Ng, the founder of Lytro, explains how a camera can capture images that are never out of focus.,2817,2387554,00.asp

The camera that turns light into living pictures

This year, Lytro will debut the first light field camera for everyone. OK – you're not everyone. You are a beautiful, unique snowflake. And you deserve an amazing camera that lets you capture life's singular moments, like baby's first steps not second, with maximum magic and minimum hassle. No more fighting with dials and settings and modes. No more flat, boring, static photographs. With a Lytro, you unleash the light.

The latest column of The Digital Eye is online; This time - panoramic photography

The latest column of The Digital Eye
>is online at What's Up Yukon
<>. This time
dealing with panoramic photography. Feel free to email my questions or add
comments after the article. Enjoy.

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