Thursday, March 17, 2011

FrozenEyes @ the Mackenzie Mountain School March 21 to 25 in NORMAN WELLS #NWT

As posted on the Norman Wells

Community Channel

George Lessard and Pablo Saravanja of
Frozen Eyes Photographic Society of the NWT will be giving a photographic workshop for students at
Mackenzie Mountain School March 21 to 25;
so smile when the students ask to
take your picture!

Contact Thomas Aikman at
Mackenzie Mountain School (587-2286)
for more information.

Captured memories with Helping Hearts photographers


"Helping Hearts is an organization that is Canada wide providing free photography sessions for families with children who are disabled, sick or ill," says representative Brandy Jackson. "The family gets a free session with a disk of 20 to 30 images, and free 8" x 10" print of their choice."

The founders Melissa Knowles and Michelle Regner created the Helping Hearts project by asking Canadian photographers in various provinces to donate their time and skills in providing free photography sessions for families with children under 16 years of age suffering from a life threatening illness or disability.

"I wanted to start a similar program myself. Then I found a link on Facebook of a photographer that I follow out of Yellowknife, who became a member. So I contacted them (Helping Hearts) and they accepted me," says Jackson.

To become part of their photography team, a form found on the Helping Hearts' website at must be completed along with a photography portfolio or an online website so photographs can be reviewed.

If approved, the individual is invited to become part of the Helping Hearts photography team.