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OPEN MEETING of the Frozen Eyes Photographic Society, Yellowknife

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From: David Prichard, Acting President FEPS <>
Date: 2009/10/16
of the
Frozen Eyes
Photographic Society
(FEPS), Yellowknife

Monday, October 26th, 7:30 p.m. 
Bromley building, third floor, Franklin Ave, Yellowknife

Several matters were discussed at last night's meeting. One is that some feel Frozen Eyes is not providing enough for local members. One of the major purposes is for photographic education for youth in the North. Logistically it is also the most difficult to organize and for that reason, plus the better weather of summer, that this area has been concentrated on first. We enjoyed great success with the projects this summer and have been approached to have similar sessions by other communities.

Mention was made of Darwin Wigget being brought to Yellowknife to teach a course. I did approach Daren on behalf of the Society and received no response. It is my understanding that the gentleman that did organize Darwin's trip here had a great deal of initial difficulty in finding sufficient people to make the costs affordable. Many professional photographers make a good part of their living teaching or offering courses, they are not difficult to find. The difficulty for the Society is determining what skills people would like brought up. We need feedback for that.

We also have a wealth of knowledge in the skills of members of the Society. It would be great if various members were prepared to offer a course in a strength they have. Not only would the fee benefit the individual, it would offer us all the ability to expand skills and also members of the public that might be interested without the expense of bringing in somebody from the south.

While courses are all well and fine, there is no substitute for improving skills like shooting, shooting, shooting. While organizing a group of photographers is more difficult than herding cats, it would be nice to organize field trips as a learning experience, the companionship and the dangers of our local environment. During a shoot at Cameron Falls this summer I had an active critic in a wandering black bear.

It was voted on last night to have an exhibition of student, and possibly, mentor work to be shown at the Lens Factory in Toronto one of the better rated photographic galleries in that city. Rather than charge commission they work on a flat rate. Through venues such as this it is hoped not only to promote the Society to a wider audience but gain some recognition for photography in the North.

The YK Photo Club died due to lack of interest, or rather the individual who organized it felt worn out by having to do most of the work. Frozen Eyes presents a unique opportunity in that we have excellent resources in terms of member skills and equipment.  For this reason the meeting on the 26th will be a brainstorming session in which you, and anybody you know that may be interested in photography, should attend. If the Society is to offer local photographers better resources it can only be accomplished by knowing their needs.

I would encourage you to attend this meeting and make your views known.


David Prichard
Acting President
Frozen Eyes Photographic Society


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