Saturday, February 04, 2012

Call for proposals from artists working in (but not limited to) video, film, interactive art, net art, performance or installation.

Call for Submissions / Le Labo / Generation Dissemination / Toronto, ON / Deadline Date: Friday, February 24, 2012

It's natural for artists to want to make history - for their work to be known and recorded. It's a very different goal for artists to participate in the recording of history in general. The production of documentation (of art and as art) is a practice that intertwines and dialogues with the reportage of current events. When artists use documentation in their practice, they construct an interpretation of their artwork or subject. The choice of medium and distribution method of art documentation then determines its trajectory into the world and into the future. The relation between documentation and its subject is more complicated than ever: an installation is livestreamed, net art leaves a constant digital trace, everyday activities are documented as a performance for video. How might the methods of the documentation and distribution of art affect the recording and framing of history made today? How will today's history be read tomorrow?

Seeking proposals from artists working in (but not limited to) video, film, interactive art, net art, performance or installation. Artists are asked to propose a layered work that involves an "original" gesture, and documentation of or through that gesture. Original gestures may take place anywhere outside of the gallery (ex: site-specific installation, distant geographic location, private performance) and should take place within the dates of the exhibition. Documentation of this gesture will be produced by the artist and mounted in the gallery before the closing of the exhibition. Proposed projects should consider the exhibition format. The use of documentation should be a central aspect of the work. Questions or clarifications are welcome at the contact address below.

This exhibition is curated by Maggie Flynn for Le Labo's curatorial mentorship program under the guidance of Alissa Firth-Eagland. Le Labo ( is an artist-run centre with a mandate to produce and promote francophone media art and interdisciplinary projects. This project will accept proposals from both francophone and non-francophone artists. The exhibition will take place in April 2012. Artist fees will be paid and modest travel costs may be accommodated.

Proposals should include:
-Artist statement (1 paragraph)
-Description of the proposed project (1 page max: Include technical/materials information. Describe site and contexte of the original gesture, the process of documentation.)
-Support material (5 -10 images, links or video/audio of past work)
-Support material list (include context, duration, date)

Please send submissions to:
Deadline: Friday February 24, 2012