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Old Boston Photograph & The Louisville Herald-Post Collections

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July 29, 2011
Volume 17, Number 30
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Old Boston Photograph Collection from the late 19th century

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In 2007, the Boston Public Library rediscovered a rather intriguing cache of photographs from the late 19th century in their archives. While there is still some debate about the provenance of these photos, they believe that the prints were taken by photographers affiliated with the Boston Camera Club, and that this organization was responsible for coordinating this specific project. Recently, the Library decided to digitize 113 of these images, and they are available here. Visitors can search the collection by keyword, and they will also find that the Flickr format will all allow them to send images to friends and also zoom in for a closer look. There are some great items here, including a print of Benjamin Franklin's house on Milk Street and a photograph of the Old State House from 1898. [KMG]

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The University of Louisville Digital Collections include rare and unique images, documents, and oral histories from our archives, special collections, and other campus units. Learn more.

 The Louisville Herald-Post Collection

In 1925, the Louisville Post and the Louisville Herald merged under the
direction of James Buckner Brown. Under Brown's leadership this new
publication became an influential force in local politics, and it made quite
a run of it until folding for good in 1936. The paper's photo "morgue" was
acquired by the University of Louisville Photographic Archives in 1994.
Today, visitors can view over 3,800 digitized photographs from this
collection, and they can get started by looking through the collection
headings, which include "Military", "Cities & Towns", and "Ohio River".
First-time users may want to start by looking through the "Historic Sites"
area, as it includes some fine images of the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace
National Historic Site in Hodgenville and several aerial views of Churchill
Downs. Visitors can also use the search engine to look for specific
materials, and overall, it's a great resource for persons with a passion for
Kentucky history and United States history in general. [KMG]

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