Saturday, October 23, 2010

Call for Submissions / Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography

Call for Submissions / Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography / Proof 18 / Toronto, ON / Deadline Date: Monday, November 1, 2010

PROOF is our annual exhibition of photo-based work by Canadian Emerging Artists.

Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography is a non-profit artist-run centre committed to the advancement of photographic art. We encourage the submission of exhibition proposals from artists in the early stages of their careers for this annual group exhibition. Consistent with our overall programming objectives, this exhibition highlights the work of artists who are innovative in their use of the medium and approach to subject matter. PROOF is not intended to represent a particular theme but rather to reflect a range of current concerns and practices in contemporary Canadian photography.

Deadline for Submissions: November 1, 2010

Please submit:
  1. A maximum of twenty digital images or videos on a CD or DVD  representing a recent body of work or a specific project. Digital images should be: RGB, jpeg format no larger than 1024 x 768 pixels at 300 dpi. They should be numbered 01 to 20 (01_tree, 02_house, 03_car etc.) Videos must be submitted as a compressed .avi or .mov file. Gallery 44 does not accept original artwork.
  2. A list of works indicating title, year, medium and dimensions.
  3. An artist's statement or other written description.
  4. A physical description of the proposed exhibition including the number of works, the space required and any unusual installation requirements. (A floor plan of Gallery 44 is available at
  5. A curriculum vitae, or biography.
  6. A self-addressed envelope (SASE) with sufficient return postage. Without an SASE we will not return submission packages and will dispose of submission materials appropriately.
Gallery 44 will take reasonable care with submission materials; however, we cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss to original photographic prints. Gallery 44 does not accept submissions by fax or email. Artists are paid in accordance with the CARFAC Fee Schedule. Please see for a floor plan of the gallery and further information. **Please note: Submissions MUST be dropped off or postmarked by November 1st. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Contact and mailing address for submissions:

Alice Dixon, Exhibition Coordinator
P 416.979.3941
F 416.979.1695

Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 120
Toronto, ON M5V 3A8

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