Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Internews Teams with National Geographic to Train Crimean Youth in Photography

Internews Teams with National Geographic to Train Crimean Youth in Photography

National Geographic Photo Camp Map of Ukraine and the Crimean region

From June 14-18, 2010, a group of high school students from the Crimean Republic of Ukraine will go to the Crimean coast to learn about and document the Black Sea's importance as a vital economic, cultural and historical resource with National Geographic's Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Jay Dickman.

Watch a slide show of the youth campers on their first day at the photo camp:

Dickman and National Geographic contributing photographer Matt Moyer will lead the students through training on photographic vision, equipment and technique, and creating a story through photography, while fostering discussion with the students about their photos and experiences.

The theme of the camp is "what does water mean to you?" The youth will photograph, edit and design a portrait of the Black Sea and the Crimean coast, with special attention to the region's natural environment, economic resources and the students' own connection with water.

You can hear from the youths while they are at the workshop in June because Jeri Curry of Internews will be covering the adventure! Follow her live tweets as she introduces us to the Ukranian teenagers and helps to bring their voices to a global stage. Use the hashtag #photocamp to join the online conversation!

The Paley Center for Media Celebrates the National Geographic Photo Camp: Crimea

The Paley Center is partnering with Internews to help bring the work and excitement of the National Geographic Photo Camp in Crimea to the world community.

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