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Chelyabinsk photographer, Andrei Yudin, knows how to enliven their own dreams [Google Mechanical translation of ]

06.08.2009 18:07  Chelyabinsk photographer knows how to enliven their own dreams

[Google Mechanical translation of ]
Olga Novaeva, Vladislav Tear

Андрей  Юдин уверен: главное - в нужное время оказаться в нужном месте и поймать  прекрасное мгновение

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His profession - to revive their own dreams. Chelyabinsk photographer idea of picturesque landscapes and portraits of successful come late at night and morning he picks up a camera.

A white coat and limelight: the main character of this frame is not cosmetologist Paul, and ... his hands. Portrait Photographer doctor decided to make a unique perspective.

He could be a doctor or accountant, if the 7 class father gave his son an old foil "Change". Well-worn camera Andrew brought with him on the river, and in school lessons. Now about that time photographer recalls with a smile. "Once photographed, as a classmate at recess eats a carrot, and his neighbor on the desk with envy watching - tells the photographer. - It turned out well, but this classmate at me and then hurt.

Once upon a time by trial and error, he took his first awkward shots. Now Andrew's own Photoschool. How to set the frame and select the appropriate perspective, it teaches children and adults. Creative credo of the artist - the simplicity and naturalness in the frame. Andrei Yudin sure: the main thing - at the right time to be in the right place to catch a beautiful moment. Sometimes have to wait a moment for hours and even weeks. "For example, a colt and a half hour, I ran around Berg Lake Smolino, but still caught, and we've got, I think, a good shot," - says Andrew.

In the West, famous artists long do glamor shots. Shindig masters prefer nature and the silent models - animals. Andrei whole series of such works. Now he takes the brightest and most juicy photos for the next solo exhibition.

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