Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bill Gentile on Backpack Journalism via IJNetVideo

Bill Gentile is an independent journalist and documentary filmmaker teaching at American University in Washington, DC. His career spans three decades, five continents and nearly every facet of journalism and mass communication, most especially visual communication, or visual storytelling. Gentile discusses the technology and the art of visual storytelling. As a backpack journalist, you should always keep in mind the dramatic arcs of the story. Backpack Journalism Workshops, With Emmy Award Winning Producer and Backpack Journalist Bill Gentile. Gentile teaches you how to master the genre increasingly in demand by broadcast and web outlets worldwide.

Gentile brings more than 30 years of field experience to teach the full range of skills essential to making powerful, character-driven stories for television and the Internet.
Story Conception • Shooting • Scriptwriting • Narrating • Editing • Marketing

In this unique and supportive environment you will learn:
• To use portable video equipment to effectively capture images and sound.
• To recognize and cultivate dramatic story arcs.
• To conduct proper, in-depth interviews.
• To write powerful treatments and scripts.
• To narrate your story.
• To edit with Final Cut Pro for maximum effect.
• To distribute your story to local, national or 
global audiences.

For more information, view student videos and registration form:
Bill Gentile Productions 202.492.6405

Part one

Part two

A conversation from the Backpack Journalism Workshop with Bill Gentile