Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tlicho “PhotoEye –How to See” Workshops by Tessa Macintosh

Photo Workshops

During the first few months of 2009 the Tlicho Government sponsored photo workshops for our personnel along with a few high school students in all four Tlicho communities including Behchoko, Whati, Wekweeti and Gameti. The workshops were attended by a total of some 30 participants. The quality of the imagery is impressive and much of it has already been put to good use in the annual report of the Tlicho Government.

An increase in visual awareness and skills within the region is necessary as people are making use of electronic media such as YouTube, FaceBook etc. Also there is a concerted effort within the Tlicho Government itself to train our own photographers to document life within our own communities. With a few websites already up and running, there is a full appreciation of the value of visual communication. The intent is to represent ourselves to one another and to world at large.

Conducted by long-time northern photographer Tessa Macintosh, the workshops were a 2-day introductory in basic visual skills. Entitled "PhotoEye –How to See", these workshops consisted of illustrated presentations and actual photo sessions on-location within the community. On-going workshops are planned which will give our people visual tools both for self-discovery and to empower ourselves.

To see more images than are on this website, Photo Albums from the workshops can be found at all the community Tlicho Government offices and school libraries.

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