Sunday, August 16, 2009


At you can share any image on the web as a zoomable photo.
Simply point at any image you've got on the web, and in no
time flat, you've got a zoomable viewer just like this one. Share the link
on Facebook, Twitter, or through email or IM. Or embed it directly on your
blog, eBay listing or virtually any site. Go ahead, click on the image
below (or use your mousewheel) to zoom in, and drag it to pan around. allows you to share virtually any size image on the web,
whether it is a five, ten or two hundred megapixels. Because the viewer
uses the same Deep Zoom image technology available to developers in
Microsoft Silverlight, no matter what size the image is it loads quickly.
The embedded viewer adjusts dynamically to the layout of your page, or can
be customized to a specific size with just a quick change to a script
size, so now any size image fits perfectly on your site. And because uses a dual-mode Silverlight & AJAX control, it works on
virtually any browser--automatically using Silverlight to provide a
smoother experience and better performance when available, and defaulting
to a scripted viewer when it is not.

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