Friday, August 14, 2009

Getty Images on Flickr

About the Flickr collection
Our Flickr collection reflects the passion of a community of photographers
worldwide, featuring uniquely personal images with an authenticity rare in
stock photography.

And because Flickr photos cover a range of subject matter – and are
available in rights-managed and royalty-free licenses – you'll find
options to meet the creative and budgetary needs of all your projects.

Tap into the collection
We've built several key features and functionalities into our Flickr
experience – creating an interactive, community-based universe where you

Search the collection. It's easy to find just what you're looking for. Use
the search box at top left to do a standard image search, complete with
filtering options, or try the box at top right to discover images, fellow
users and photo clouds.

Create and share photo clouds. Photo clouds are a unique way to visually
group images that catch your eye – for use in a project or just to spark
ideas. You can share them, keep them to yourself, view other users'
clouds, mark favorites and follow users who inspire you.

Download extras. Looking for more ways to connect with our Flickr images?
We've got a Facebook app that lets you create photo clouds to reflect your
status, as well as a flash widget for adding clouds to your blog and other
personal spaces. You can even download a dynamic screensaver made up of
images recently searched for by other users.

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