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Special Section: Digital Photo from the Toronto Star


Focused on a budget? Here's what $150 gets you
Richard Lautens Jun. 30, 2009
Cameras are everywhere these days. Almost every new device we own seems to
come with a camera attached. It won't be long before my "toothbrush cam"
will be keeping an eye on my molars.

Exposed! An HDR primer
Spencer Wynn Jun. 18, 2009
For amateur photographers seeking to get the most out of their images,
High Dynamic Range photography is a technique worth learning.

Tripods will keep photographers - and their images - steady
Maarten Heilbron Jun. 18, 2009
When the blur icon on your camera warns you to hold the camera steady, do
you click the shutter and hope for the best? Maybe steady the camera,
holding it close with both hands? Or run out ...

Star photographer's tips to improve photos
Richard Lautens Jun. 04, 2009
Camera manufacturers today seem determined to take the photographer out of

DSLRs offer something new for every shooter
Paul Marshman Jun. 04, 2009
In this recession, you might expect camera makers to stick to
bargain-priced entries for this spring's new digital single-lens reflex
(DSLR) models. You'd be wrong.

More work, bigger payoff
Maarten Heilbron Jun. 04, 2009
As a digital point-and-shoot photographer, I believe luck plays the
largest part in getting good results.

Technological advances include the wet, wild and affordable
Paul Marshman Jun. 04, 2009
For some, spring means baseball or gardening. For photographers, it's time
to take pictures.

The Top 10 digital camera trends this season
Paul Marshman Nov. 27, 2008
Camera companies are offering some intriguing new compacts and single-lens
reflex (SLR) models, with a host of improvements and new features that put
them a cut above last year's choices.

Video: Breakfast Brulé
Contributing technology writer Maarten Heilbron produced this short video
using a still camera. The Fuji S2000 is capable of recording HD video in
720 mode.

Gallery: Compact Cameras
Photos taken by Bill Taylor while he tests three compact digital cameras.

Choosing the perfect camera
Cameras are some of the ultimate toys and probably the most popular time
to buy a new camera is before a vacation.

Compact cameras have limitations but can take great pics
Bill Taylor Nov. 27, 2008
When it comes to cameras, I'm a tech-and-specs dunce.

DSLR camera reviews
Paul Marshman Nov. 27, 2008
Latest crop of high-end digitals emerge with features that include movie
mode, higher ISOs, more megapixels.

Digital camera reviews
Kevin Scanlon Nov. 27, 2008
When it comes to digital cameras in the under-$300 bracket, prepare to
have your eyes opened wide.

HD camcorders get cheaper
Kevin Scanlon Nov. 27, 2008
Call me cheap if you will – although I prefer "frugal" – but I have never
been able to force myself to spend more than $1,000 on a new piece of
camera equipment.

Fuji camera impresses with its video
Maarten Heilbron Nov. 27, 2008
FinePix S2000 HD distinguishes itself with unique function that zooms
while it records.

Photo printers can produce stunning photo art that lasts a lifetime
Tom Katsiroubas Nov. 27, 2008
With the advent of everything digital, sharing your photos takes on a
whole new meaning. Through popular photo-sharing websites such as Fickr,
Photobucket and Facebook you can instantly ...

Digital camera review: Sony Cybershot DSC T700
Maarten Heilbron Nov. 27, 2008
This year, every point-and-shoot camera in the $250-$450 range has more
than enough megapixels. As you get through your checklist, you'll find
there's little difference between models and brands in this crowded ...

Steep learning curve for amateur photographers
Kevin Scanlon Nov. 27, 2008
Like most amateur photographers, I have always wondered if I could be as
good as the pros if only I had the same equipment. Let's call it a serious
case of camera envy.

Now that the recording is done ...
Maarten Heilbron Jun. 12, 2008
The party's over and the camera crew has just dropped off the video
footage and a script scrawled on the back of an envelope at the
post-production video-editing suite.

Planning makes all the difference with a video project
Kevin Scanlon Jun. 12, 2008
So, your family reunion is set for this weekend and you are the designated
videographer. Have you finished your script yet?

Images flow around the world
Spencer Wynn Jun. 12, 2008
"I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community, and as long as
I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can."

Transforming an ordinary street scene
Spencer Wynn Jun. 12, 2008
A carefully framed shot or using subtle lighting can make a photograph
much more striking.

Cellphone camera brings quality one step closer
Paul Marshman Jun. 12, 2008
Sony Ericsson broke new ground in 2006 with its K790a, the first cellphone
to sport a three-megapixel Sony camera. Now it's back with the K850i, a
new version that boasts a whopping five megapixels.

Trouble shooting?
Denis Cyr Jun. 12, 2008
Experimenting is always a great way to discover what your particular
camera is capable of and what its limitations are.

Nikon's new pick of the crop
Paul Marshman Jun. 12, 2008
Ever since Nikon released the powerful D200 in 2005, photographers have
eagerly awaited the company's next big semi-pro DSLR.

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