Thursday, April 23, 2009

Photographic best practices guides

Best Practices for the Business of Independent Photojournalism
This best practices guide, put together by the National Press Photographers Association in the U.S. is divided into two sections: the first for those who hire independent photojournalists and the second to guide photojournalists in their business practices. Each section has five clearly laid out points to consider and steps to take during business transactions to ensure fairness and professional respect. A PDF version is available at the link below. Link»
Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines
Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines (UPDIG) is a group of industry professionals who are working towards creating worldwide standards for the commercial use of digital images. The introduction of the document states: "These 12 guidelines -- along with the accompanying Best Practices documents -- aim to clarify issues affecting accurate reproduction and management of digital image files. Although they largely reflect a photographer's perspective, anyone working with digital images should find them useful." Link»


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