Thursday, November 17, 2005

CITIZEN JOURNALISM - Flickr, Buzznet expand citizens' role in visual journalism

CITIZEN JOURNALISM - Flickr, Buzznet expand citizens' role in visual journalism

Imagine if you were a photo editor at a major publication, and you
could view and search through every digital photo on every computer in
the world to put together a feature. Or if something spectacular
happened, and you could search photo tags to see what everyone at the
scene was seeing. This dream of a global photo album, compiled in real
time by amateur and professional shooters, hasn't quite materialized,
but photo-sharing services such as Flickr and Buzznet are giving us
glimpses into that future. New York Times Magazine columnist Rob
Walker is using Flickr to compile nationwide views of the various
Martin Luther King boulevards, while Boston Globe technology editor
D.C. Denison used Flickr photos to illustrate a story in the paper.
About 15 newspaper sites have created special Buzznet sites to
showcase citizen photos of current events or hyper-local happenings.
And the Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle's Spotted citizen-photography section
even has an army of 20 interns who cover parades and high school
football. These are baby steps toward what might become a revolution
in visual journalism -- broadening the variety of images we see on
news sites and in print publications to include more than just
traditional photojournalism. With these photo-sharing communities
comes an inner view of the lives of the people in our neighborhoods --
and a way to connect folks who like snapping photos at celebrations,
who are fanatic about species of birds, or who can capture the mood on
the streets.

Source: Mark Glaser, Online Journalism Review

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