Thursday, September 15, 2005

Graphic Rescue Photo Becomes a Symbol of New Orleans

Graphic Rescue Photo Becomes a Symbol of New Orleans


By Daryl Lang

Published: September 15, 2005 12:51 AM ET

NEW YORK (PDN) The front pages of more than 20 newspapers Wednesday
ran a photo of a naked, emaciated American clinging to life as
rescuers carried him from his home.

Editors say the startling image, showing a man being rescued in New
Orleans 16 days after Hurricane Katrina, created discussions in their
newsrooms but ultimately carried enough news value to make it worth

The photo, by Orange County Register photographer Bruce Chambers, was
distributed by the Associated Press and Knight Ridder/Tribune.

The Register identified the thin, unconscious man in the picture as
Edgar Hollingsworth, age 74, and said he was taken to a hospital and
was expected to survive.

In the picture, National Guard Spc. Manuel Ramos gently lifts
Hollingsworth, who is naked, off a stretcher while other rescuers
assist with an breathing mask and an IV bag. The image is centered in
front of a tidy front porch, with mailboxes and a potted plant.

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